“Because it's always better to travel with someone who knows”


My name is Itzae Axayacatl Rita Cardeña. I am a young Bacalar native graduated with a degree inTourism Management and Development from the Technological University of the Riviera Maya and certified by SECTUR as a Federal General Guide. After working 5 years as a tourist guide for other companies I decided to become independent by buying a van and organizing tours for visitors in Bacalar. Due to the effort and dedication I have put in to offer visitors with highly demanded tours I have had great success, and now, after 2 years of having started I am finally expanding my business.




To provide Bacalar visitors with professionally guided tours so that they can learn about the main points of interest in the area, thus achieving an unforgettable experience that combines fun, knowledge, and adventure.


To position myself as the pioneer and always be kept as the best option for guided tours in order to get to know pertaining areas. To be recognized for offering the most sustainable and friendly tourism services to the environment and society.


  1. Honesty and Respect

  2. Responsibility and Safety

  3. Initiative and Innovation

  4. Empathy

  5. Sustainability

  6. Service Attitude

  7. Team Work


 Address: Avenue 21 S/N between 18 and 20, Bacalar.
 Phone: +52 1 984 164 1182
 E-Mail: itzaetoursbacalar@gmail.com
 Web: www.itzaetoursbacalar.com